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“It is clear that Walt and his team really care about the development of the youth who pass through their doors.  During my three years at Challengers, I was able to learn the crucial skills I needed to live independently:  how to obtain vital documents and how to manage my finances; how to balance work and study; and most importantly, how to be a productive citizen contributing to society.   Challengers is not just an independent living program, but the people there are family!  

I reflect on my time at Challengers, even now as I serve our country as a U.S. Diplomat overseas.  

Thank you and keep up the good work!  

Tavon C. / U.S. Diplomat


“At the ripe age of seventeen, the thought of living independently and attending college was daunting.  This caused a great deal of stress for me as I was forced to make a decision about where I would go after leaving a foster home.  However, after entering Challengers, attending college and living independently became an attainable reality and not an unsolvable problem.  From the tremendous amount of support that I was provided by Mr. Walt, the social workers and the counselors, I was able to achieve my goals and so much more.  Through the information that I learned through weekly check-ins, team meetings, and additional support, I navigated my way successfully through college while maintaining consistent employment and housing.


Challengers’ social workers assisted me in opening my first bank account, purchasing my first car, and signing my first apartment lease.  The continued support and resources of the Challengers program helped me to attend and graduate from Towson University with a Bachelors of Science degree, and a Masters of Science Degree in Teaching Bilingual Special Education from George Washington University.   Upon finishing the Challengers program and aging out of foster care, I was able to establish a stable living situation and a bank savings account of $10,000.  Also, the program has inadvertently created a network of peers with which I will forever be able to share a bond of gratitude for Challengers and the opportunities it has afforded to us."

Rasheda W.

Former Participant  |  Holds a B.S and M.S. in Education

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