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Supervising for Quality Child Welfare Practice

Supervisory Roles, Competencies, and Processes That Promote Continuous Quality Improvement Supervisory responsibilities can be categorized into three overarching domains: (1) administrative, (2) educational, and (3) supportive (National Association of Social Workers, 2013; Kadushin and Harkness, 2002). The combination of all three components is necessary for the development of competent, ethical, and professional caseworkers. Each of these domains is critical to effective supervision and quality practice, and each one experienced renewed emphasis from a quality improvement perspective. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the Association of Social Work Boards produced a booklet that provides an indepth discussion of supervision in social work and provides standards to ensure uniformity. Best Practice Standards in Social Work Supervision is available on the NASW website at http://www.naswdc. org/practice/naswstandards/supervisionstandards2013 ...

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